Standard & Made-to-Order Contact Wheels

Urethane and rubber contact wheels are designed to protect your belt grinding machines and finishing equipment to keep operators safe and production efficient. The wheels are offered with different levels of firmness and serration, as well as different sizes to fit your needs.

Contact Rubber’s wheels are heavy-duty and durable, to protect increase speed without sacrificing the lifespan of a belt.

We offer a complete line of standard and made-to-order contact wheels for a variety of types of grinders, including abrasive belt sanders and belt grinding machines, general-purpose bench grinders, grinders with shorter spindles and gentle touch automatic finishing equipment.

The line includes:

Contact Rubber Contact Wheel C130b

C130 Contact Wheels

Ideal for a wide variety of abrasive belt grinding machines.

C134 Quick Change Contact Wheels

C134 Quick Change Contact Wheels

Have a removable aluminum hub that accepts a variety of tires in a range of face widths and harnesses.

C200 Contact Wheel

C200 Contact Wheels

Designed for use on grinders with shorter spindles.

CRC Soft Grind Foam Covered

Soft Grind™ Foam Covered Contact Wheels

Offer repeatable stock removal with a gentle touch in robotic grinding applications.

CRC Wheel Recovery

Wheel Recovery

An affordable service for recovering contact and other wheels. We repair cores or shafts, match covering material and groove configuration, then grind and balance each to ensure performance.