Product Overview

C134 Quick Change Contact Wheel

The C134 Quick Change Contact Wheel has a removable aluminum hub that is compatible with a range of tires in various face widths and hardness. All hubs and tires are independently balanced to assure smooth, vibration-free operation. This wheel (hub and tire) is also compatible with those of the same design from other manufacturers.

Assembly of a replacement tire onto a quick-change hub is easily done. Simply remove the flat head allen set-screws from the retaining ring, then take off the worn tire and replace it with a new tire. Once complete, reassemble the retaining ring and make sure the balance marks are properly aligned.

C134 Quick Change Tire Specifications

  • All serrations and hardness are available
  • Hubs are bored to requested size
  • Hub options include: keyways, set screw holes, tapered bores and bearing bores
  • Diameters up to 20″
  • Standard face widths range up to 10″
  • All replacement tires may be recovered

C134 Quick Change contact wheels are available with Soft Grindâ„¢ foam covering.