Product Overview

Rubber Covered Rollers

Our custom state-of-the-art grinding, balancing and serration equipment is the finest available in North America. We can groove any angle, diamond, spiral, herringbone, or corrugation pattern you might need. Our roll covering materials are formulated to be resistant to ozone, heat, and extreme abrasion, and our compounds are tailored to meet exact specifications.

Read our case study on how we solved premature edge wear on coated abrasive belts.

Contact Rubber is proud to furnish custom-built rollers for a variety of applications, including crating, sealing, bag making, wrapping, gluing, and abrasive belt grinding and finishing applications. Our cutting-edge roller coverings are available in a wide range of firmness levels, from 20 through 100-durometer hardness.

Also offering dependable delivery schedules!

Groove Patterns By Definition

(Refer to image gallery above.)

A – Diamond pattern

Minimizes hydroplaning and provides better gripping for feed rolls.

B – Helical Pattern

Proper combinations of groove angles, along with land and groove widths that enhance the grinding or sanding ability of wide coated abrasive belt machines.

C – Plain Face

Plain ground texture or satin-smooth finish used for a multitude of purposes.

D – Serr-X Serration

Provides aggressive abrasive belt cutting action and conformability.

E – 90 Degree Fluted Grooves

Helps to keep the belt clean and most often used for conveyor belt drive applications. It can also be used in scraping unwanted material from substrates.

F – Chevron Pattern

Offers great pulling action and helps keep conveyor belts tracking properly. It also smoothes out wrinkles in continuous webs.

Roller Recovery

Roller Recovery services include core inspection and repair, precision ground rubber diameter concentric with bearing journals, helical grooving, and dynamic balancing.

Available elastomers for roll coverings:

  • Silicone
  • Neoprene┬«
  • Hypalon┬«
  • Millable Urethane
  • SBR & EPDM
  • Cast Polyurethane
  • Natural Rubber includes:
    • Buna N/NBR
    • Carboxylated Nitrile including HNBR and HXNBR